Monday, May 01, 2006

WoodChuck '06

I ended up getting to WoodChuck '06 about an hour after it had begun--lunch in State College went a bit longer than expected. It was really a great time. Unfortunately, Chuck Pennacchio was wrapping up his speech as I climbed the stairs of The Appalachian Brewing Company's Abbey Bar in Harrisburg.

Apparently, I missed quite the rousing speech.

About 75 people showed up on Sunday. I had a chance to talk with Chuck, Liz and finally meet several other Pennacchio activists whose work I have read online. Matching faces to screenames is always satisfying. When mentioning that I was from State College, jpol asked me if I knew Shlomo. I responded, "I am him." I was flattered to have a number of people tell me how much they enjoyed The Cajun Jew.

Valerie McDonald Roberts arrived around 5:00pm. She is another great progressive candidate running for Lieutenant Governor.

Valerie McDonald Roberts

This was my first time hearing her speak. She's remarked on the positive side of being an underdog; it keeps her quick on her feet and makes her tough. McDonald Roberts has a unique charisma. Something about her attitude feels comfortably personal. I liked her. She and Chuck have been reciprocally supporting each other throughout their campaigns.

Chuck and Valerie

I recorded both candidates speaking and would like to post the audio online. Hopefully, I will have that available within in a couple of days. First, I need to find a good podcast host.

(As an aside, avoid The Appalachian Brewing Company's "Bangers and Mash" [bratwurst and mashed potatoes] at all costs. Seriously, it was a glorified butterflied hot dog. Try Herwig's Austrian Bistro in State College--their accents are real.)


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