Friday, February 17, 2006

The Green Party

Update: The PA primary election is actually on May 16th. That was a typo below.

I am a registered Green Party member. Thanks to Pennsylvania's closed primary law, I cannot vote in the primaries on May 17th--a total bummer. The thought of registering as a Democrat makes me feel dirty and kind of slimy. Either major party seems devoid of ethics. I suppose that once a group or an entity attains that much power it loses its integrity. Having to appease so many constituents, lobbyists, superiors, donors, etc. often makes a politician impotent and corrupt. Registering as a Green is more of a political statement than a belief that the Greens will win major elections. If enough progressively minded folks register as greens it could send a message to the Democrats that our opinions are relevant and that in order to earn our votes the Dems. must become more liberal.


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