Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rally for Chuck Before the Debate

Before the next Democratic primary debate (Wednesday, April 19th--more details below) there will be a rally for Chuck Pennacchio supporters beginning at 4:30 5:30 4:00 pm. You should attend. A well-voiced opposition to Casey by Pennacchio supporters will send a signal that Pennsylvania refuses to accept the undemocratic, DC elitist anointment of Bob Casey Jr.

When the PA press swoops down upon Lancaster to cover the second debate, an ocean of Pennacchio supporters is what they must find. Chuck has six thousand volunteers. Each and every one of us ought to stand by our commitment and support Chuck in this most visible of ways. Imagine if only one sixth of us attend. The presence of one thousand Pennsylvanians fed up with the state of politics--protesting, cheering, clogging the streets of Lancaster, and demanding change--would shock the media. Indeed, it would validate Chuck's candidacy, thereby forcing the press to take him more seriously.

From Philadelphia to Erie, Allentown to Pittsburgh, everyone who calls him/herself a volunteer for Chuck must find a way to attend this debate. Drive, carpool, take a Greyhound, or ride your bike--Chuck, Pennsylvania, and the nation depend on you.

Here are the details (Update):

The debate itself will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday April 19th at Franklin and Marshall College's "Alumni Sports and Fitness Center," which is located on 931 Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster.

The Pennacchio rally begins at 4:30 pm presumably outside the aforementioned auditorium. I'm told that there will be several speakers. When the specifics are ironed out, I will post them.

According to, the rally runs from 5:30 4:00-6:00 PM outside the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center at Franklin & Marshall College. I have heard that some people are going to be attending earlier though.


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