Sunday, May 07, 2006

MyDD Asks Who to Support

MyDD is asking readers who the netroots should support financially. I found out about this a bit late, but please hurry and write a supportive comment about Chuck! The three criteria are:

1) There should be a netroots presence in the state or district.

2) The candidate should be a populist and/or a progressive, preferably both.

3) Candidates falling into the 'blue state' or 'northeastern strategy' bucket make sense. These are people running in Democratic leaning states against moderate or right-wing Republicans.

Chuck Pennacchio, of course, meets all three. Here is what I had to say:
Chuck Pennacchio for PA-Sen

1)Pennsylvania provides Pennacchio with solid, growing netroots support (Booman Tribune, Fasctesque, Chris Bowers of MyDD, Dragonballyee, The Cajun Jew, A Big Fat Slob).

2)Chuck is running a PAC-free, corporate-free campaign for Senate in Pennsylvania against Bob "Santorum-lite" Casey. Chuck is a populist like no other. He has personally spoken to over 30,000 Pennsylvanians at more than 300 events. Chuck's vigorous grassroots campaign is run solely by over 6,000 volunteers. Just the other day, The Centre Daily Times (Centre County, PA) published 9 letters to the editor favoring Chuck and zero supporting Casey.

Chuck is a progressive like no other. Unlike Bob Casey, Chuck Pennacchio wants to get out of Iraq, keep the nuclear option off the table for Iran, is pro-choice, wants universal health care, and wouldn't support judges like Alito and Roberts. Most importantly, his campaign is people powered--no corporate or PAC money--so he really needs and deserves netroots money. Some people have called Chuck a "non-viable candidate," because he doesn't have enough money--that's too be accepted from someone who doesn't accept PAC and corporate money. To the naysayers, we can make Chuck "viable" by funding him!

3)Pennsylvania is a blue state in the northeast. Rick Santorum is so disliked that any Democrat can beat him. A recent Zogby poll confirms that Pennacchio can beat both Casey and Santorum when people are informed about their positions (info at Why should we settle for another Lieberman like Bob Casey when we can have a real Democrat in Chuck Pennacchio?

Go support Chuck! We need more voices!


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