Monday, March 13, 2006

Chuck Pennacchio Interview on KDKA Pittsburgh

FINALLY the media is starting to mention the Pennacchio campaign for U.S. Senate. For months, all I've heard has been "Bob Casey, the Democratic challenger from Pennsylvania," with no mention of the Democratic primary. Just because Chuck Schumer, Ed Rendell, and Harry Reid anointed Bob Casey as the golden boy to beat Santorum this fall doesn't mean that he actually is the Democratic candidate. On May 16th Pennsylvania's Democrats with chose Santorum's challenger among Bob Casey, Chuck Pennacchio, and Alan Sandals. How frighteningly undemocratic is it that the powers that be have tried to chose our Senate candidate without our input! Punks...

Anyway, the point of this thread is that KDKA Pittsburgh's CBS affiliate aired segments of an interview with Chuck Pennacchio on March 10th. Chuck comes off as fiery straight-shooter who knows what he is talking about. He's fed up with the status quo and wants to change people lives, not his career. Finally, we have a Democrat with passion and a brain. The links to the full 19 minute interview and the abridged news segment are posted below. Spread the word!

Full 19 minute interview

Abridged news segment


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