Thursday, March 02, 2006

Progressives for Pennacchio, Not Casey

My last post was a little long winded, so I want to express the message in a more concise manner. Progressives and Democrats who vote for Casey in the primary election are making a mistake. Santorum has become so unpopular that any reasonable Democrat can beat him (look at this Zogby poll to prove it). So, why should we support a conservative like Casey when we can vote for someone like Pennacchio who we actually believe in? Any true progressive should feel obligated to temporarily change his/her affiliation to the Democratic Party and vote for Chuck Pennacchio in the primary.

The Democratic leadership might think running to the right is the path to victory, but the more people learn about Casey's conservative positions, the more their support for him dwindles (again, check the Zogby poll). Powerful Democrats anointed Casey before Santorum published his offensive book and before Santorum's involvement in the K-Street scandal really hit the fan. Pennacchio might not have much money now, but if he wins the primary, cash will flood his campaign from the national Democratic Party.


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