Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Did Alan Sandals Flip-Flop to Get the NOW PAC Endorsement?

I've seen some buzz that it looks like Sandals might have flip-flopped to get the endorsement from NOW PAC. According to an interview on PoliticsPhilly from August 1st, 2005, Sandals said:
My view is to recognize the traditional Roe v. Wade approach. The hardest question, and I appreciate it more now being a father, is how to deal with situations where a parent would appropriately want to know, for all the best reasons, if some procedure were going to be done for a daughter who is a minor. But the laws in most states correctly say that if the minor has reason to fear that there will be some physical violence or some emotional repercussions, then there must be ways to get consent without parental involvement. Limited parental notification and consent requirements are about the only condition or qualification that I would think is appropriate [emphasis my own].
Some bloggers (here and here) have posted that Sandals' position on parental notification has conveniently changed just in time to get the NOW PAC endorsement. Pennacchio still supports parental notification (not approval) for abortions, with qualified exceptions, of course. Sandals might have just changed his mind on that. This sounds like cover for NOW PAC to endorse the pro-choice candidate, Sandals, who will accept PAC money over the more qualified and successful pro-choice candidate, Pennacchio who won't. This sounds fishy...

I'm not trying to smear Sandals here, and if this is all bogus, please correct me, I'll be happy. But if he changed his mind on this issue--on any issue--because an interest group offered him money and publicity, then who knows where his allegiances are. Will Sandals change his mind when ExxonMobil, Citibank, or Alcoa offers him money? This is exactly why I support Chuck Pennacchio: by not taking any PAC money, Pennacchio is not beholden to their interests.


I fixed the broken link to the PoliticsPhilly interview. Sorry about that.


At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Austin said...

I guess I put that last comment in the wrong place but I was saying how I've lost pretty much all respect for Alan Sandals and the NOW PAC.


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