Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pro-Casey Fools in the Blogosphere

Idiocy abounds...

While searching for recent blog posts about Chuck Pennacchio, I came across this childish diatribe from a Casey Jr. supporter:

Chuck Pennacchio is either a complete fool or a Santorum tool. How else can you explain the blithering nonsense that Adam B points to over at Daily Kos? But first, queue the violin music, cause this here is a Penanchio[sic]-Santorum love fest (the stuff in italics is me inserting words Chuck wanted to express but couldn't because his heart runith over):

For those of you who wonder about Santorum, yes, he's got an easy smile, he's very engaging, and he's personable. He also has a chiseled chin, sumptuous lips, and eyelashes that set my heart on fire every time he winks approvingly at me and my campaign. One on one, he's charming and has a genuine gift for retail politics. These are the skills that make him a formidable opponent and, unlike that big meany, Bob Casey, a wonderful human being. It's not until he starts talking (and legislating) ideas that things get scary. So scary that I jump right in his arms and beg him to hold me in his strong protective grasp!

Oy, this is one of the most offensive and idiotic criticisms of any candidate that I have ever heard--unfortunately, it's just an excerpt. Sadly, it's this kind of garbage that makes bloggers look bad. Posts like this further the perception of bloggers as ill-informed partisans without credentials. Feeling outraged, I responded with a comment (also an excerpt to save space). I tried not to be angry, but a little ire slipped through.

Have either of you actually heard Chuck Pennacchio speak? Pennacchio is devoted, honest and believable. Furthermore, he actually holds traditionally Democratic values, unlike Bob Casey, Jr.

Anyone who does not recognize that Rick Santorum is a formidable opponent with a history of electoral success in Pennsylvania is a fool. Your attempt at satire was both ignorant and offensive. If you disagree with Pennacchio's politics, that is fine. When offering your support of Casey, a thoughtful well-reasoned essay is much more effective than questioning his sexuality through a childish diatribe calling his opponent stupid. To be frank, your post has done a disservice to Democrats. "Santorumblog" has used your post as an example of Democratic hypocrisy. Here is a link.

Before you write an angry, ill-informed critique of my comment, I suggest that you learn a little bit about Chuck Pennacchio. Here is a link to a radio interview with Chuck Pennacchio. Give it a listen before you write him off.

And no, I am not a paid tool for Rick Santorum. I am just one of many people who BELIEVE in Chuck Pennacchio.

It's perfectly acceptable to have legitimate debate about Pennacchio and Casey--indeed, it's a necessary condition for a Democracy to function--but let's try to be a bit more rational in our arguments folks. Sadly, but truthfully, Santorumblog has used the post in question as an example of Democrats "Eating their own." While I have to admit that plenty of establishment Democrats are attacking Chuck Pennacchio and his supporters for challenging Casey, Democrats as a whole don't need a childish, offensive blogger making the party look like hypocrites. Thanks a lot pal.


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