Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Word Yet From Sandals

No word yet from Alan Sandals. Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Alan Sandals' campaign asking about his potential flip-flop on parental notification & consent for abortion in order to get the NOW PAC endorsement. On my way to work, I realized something peculiar about the response from Sandals' webmaster, Rebecca Cesarz, that I received shortly thereafter: why didn't she brush aside my allegation that Sandals' flip-flopped for the NOW PAC endorsement?

If my accusation is false, then why not tell me so before forwarding my letter to Sandals himself? Perhaps she didn't know the answer--I would think she should--but when someone accuses your campaign of impropriety, isn't a quick, direct dismissal of the claim appropriate? Of course, I'm speculating about Ms. Cesarz's motives, but that's because I am awaiting Sandals' response to my letter.


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