Friday, March 24, 2006

Pennacchio and Sandals LIVE on Radio Right Now

I just found out: Pennacchio and Sandals are LIVE on the radio right now. Here is the live stream link:


Here is an archived link that should be up for one week. The interview, conducted by Bob Rovner, was pretty interesting. Both candidates had 1/2 hour to speak--Chuck Pennacchio first and Alan Sandals second. I really wanted to be invigorated by Sandals, but I have to admit that I felt unemotional throughout most of his interview. Chuck was inspirational as always. By the end of his segment, I was cheering, "Go get 'em Chuck!" Sandals had good positions, but he lacked Pennacchio's passion for people-to-people democracy. Reports on Sandals often feature the word "articulate," but he was clearly outspoken by Chuck.


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