Friday, May 19, 2006

Daily Kos' Anti-Chuck Vibe

Why do so many people on Daily Kos hate Chuck Pennacchio? Honestly, throughout the campaign, Daily Kos--a community dedicated to getting democrats elected--has been full of vitriolic anti-Chuck rhetoric. (Isn't it ironic that they are fervent supporters of Ned Lamont over Joe Lieberman)? Every time I wrote a diary about Chuck [here, here, here], trolls would instantly pounce on me in the comments section, calling me an idiot. Usually. their arguments were rather ignorant, but nonetheless, hostility toward Chuck was and remains rampant on Daily Kos. Now, this diary on Kos reacts to Chuck posting his supporters' comments on his website. Unfortunately, for the diary's author, a few of them criticised Casey:
Pennacchio chose to take the low road...Now I find no fault with the commenters, they were sharing personal feelings with a candidate they belived [sic] in. I do however find it irresponsible for the Professor [sic] to post negative comments on his site. It is in no way prodcutive [sic] or helpful to the goal of dicthing [sic] Santorum. We need Chuck Pennacchio to get behind policy positions that he shares with Bob Casey, not continuing to point out their differnces [sic]. I'm calling on Chuck to put an endorsement for Bob Casey on his website, will Pennacchio supporters do the same?
The author of this diary--obviously, he has never heard of a spell checker--has a real problem with Chuck posting comments critical of Casey on his site--boo hoo. Chuck and his supporters oppose many of Bob Casey's positions; that's not going to change. Chuck has not come out for or against Casey; he is simply posting the views of his supporters, some of which criticise Bob Casey.

There's even a poll about whether Chuck went too far (go vote). Let it go man; some people just hate Bob Casey and will not stand to vote for someone whose values are so foreign to the Democratic base. While I think that we should vote for Casey in November for strategic reasons, as enumerated here, not everyone shares that view. Sorry that you guys no longer have a real Democrat to attack, but Pennsylvania's progressives are not going to suddenly fall in love with someone to to right of Arlen Specter, because Chuck lost the primary.

Hat-tip to Jaekos.


At 6:58 AM, Blogger A Big Fat Slob said...

I have been shocked, amazed, and profoundly disappointed by the way Atrios and Kos dissed Chuck and lined up behind Casey.

They pour a ton of effort into unseating a sitting Democratic Senator in CT, who is arguably to the left of Casey, while ignoring the threat of another Lieberman right here in their home state.

They are myopic, self-absorbed and too much enamored of their "almost mainstream power broker" status. For me, they are moving closer to irrelevancy in the world of liberal ideas.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger cseverett said...

Any chance the writer of that diary on Kos is employed by Casey?

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Austin said...

Screw those antiDemocratic bastards on Kos they never listened to reason during the campaign there is no way they will start now. As for them demanding Chuck hide the facts about Casey, well again screw them harder.


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