Sunday, March 26, 2006

State Democratic Committee Endorses Casey

As expected, the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee endorsed Bob Casey Jr. for US Senate. My inner Lebowski reacted with an immediate, "this is a bummer, man." I was hoping that Chuck and Sandals combined would secure enough votes (one third plus one) to force a mandatory open primary endorsement from the committee. Apparently, Casey received near unanimous support. What really annoyed me was the subheading on the AP article written by Peter Jackson (not the The Lord of the Rings guy):
Casey easily wins state committee's vote

The Democrat will take on Rick Santorum, who he said was out of touch with Pennsylvanians [emphasis my own].
Excuse me? Just because the State Democratic committee endorses a candidate does not mean that the he has won the primary election. Last time I checked, Bob Casey Jr. was endorsed by the State Democratic committee in 2002 when he lost the primary election for Governor to Ed Rendell. In fact, Casey also had a double digit lead in that primary. So, yes, Casey is the front-runner, but by no means has he won this election.


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