Saturday, May 27, 2006


My friend Kirk is hosting a free two-day music festival called Kirkstock in Centre Hall this Friday/Saturday June 2nd/3rd. The preliminary band list is as follows:
8:00pm - Projekt Dipak
9:45pm - Northern Shoveler
11:30pm - The Man

1:00pm - A Brown Leaf
2:15pm - Filthy Gringo
3:30pm - Charles Ramsey

4:45pm - Darren Deicide
6:00pm - Brownbird Rudy Relic
7:15pm - The Wilcox Hotel
9:00pm - Slacks
10:45pm - Alien Red
Kirk put me in charge of food, so I intend to make 30 pounds of sausage. If feasible, we'll try to provide a vegetarian alternative. Because Kirkstock is a free event, we will sell T-shirts and my 30 pounds of sausage (while they last) to recoup some of the costs from hosting a free show--there are many. There is parking nearby and all are welcome to bring tents for the night. If you intend to stick around for a while, you will definitely need to bring food and drink. Kirkstock is BYOB and please respect the carry in, carry out policy. Visit for more info.

Also, if your band wants to play at Kirkstock, I can put you in touch with Kirk.


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