Saturday, May 27, 2006

A New Direction

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth this past week. Not posting at regular pace is a blogger's Cardinal sin, and to my readership, I sincerely apologize. Ever since the primary election, I've been struggling with what to write. The Cajun Jew was not formed as a blog for Chuck Pennacchio, although I did become passionate about his campaign shortly after creating this blog.

There are many causes to fight and banners to waive. For dear Shlomo, Bob Casey's bid to unseat Rick Santorum is not one of them. If Casey defeats Santorum in November, I will smile; however, I no longer have any passion or real interest in this Senate race. While I begrudgingly suggest that you vote for Bob Casey, I cannot bring myself to campaign actively for him.

That being said, The Cajun Jew will continue and thrive. This blog's charter remains open and it, as always, will offer a truly unique perspective.


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