Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yearly Kos First Impression

I think that I am the only blogger at Yearly Kos without his laptop...argh. Being that I'm going to travel for a few weeks, it just wasn't feasible to lug around the west. Finally, I have found an somewhat affordable internet connection (20 cents per minute). So, here goes.

I don't know where to begin. Yearly Kos is phenomenal. I've met John Avarosis, Markos Moulitsas, Wes Clark, Joe Wilson, Mark Warner, and the best Bush impersonator I've ever seen. But Yearly Kos is about more than celebrity bloggers and politicians. It is convergence of the Netroots. Never in my life have I been surrounded by so many fellow progressives engaged in an earnest effort for change. Whether discussing the virtues of a candidate or metablogging, there is a real comfort in being surrounded by fellow Kossacks.

That being said, the media is out in force. Adam Nagourney wrote a huge article for the NyTimes, Maureen Dowd wrote an editorial, Time Magazine, Newsweek, even the Weekly Standard sent two reporters. (I might be quoted in The Weekly Standard about a Kos diary I wrote last night.) It's fantastic to see the old media acknowledging the blogosphere in such a positive manner.

I have lots more to say, but I'm running out of internet time/cash and will have to wait until tomorrow (hopefully).


At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One might suggest that the arrival at Kos of the Times much less the Weekly Standard signifies cooptation rather than anything else.


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