Saturday, April 15, 2006

Report on Chuck's Visit to Greensburg

I'm a little late in posting this, but Joyce Luzier of Centre County heard Chuck Pennacchio and Ed Rendell speak in Greensburg a week or so ago. As always, Chuck was his dynamic self. Here is her account:
We arrived just in time to hear Chuck give his talk as he was one of the first ones to speak. His talk was interrupted many times with loud applause!!! The crowd loved what he had to say. He was his usual COURAGEOUS, TRUTHFUL, DYNAMIC, and PASSIONATE SELF. I thought, "How lucky we were to be there!" When leaving, he stopped and talked to me and remembered me from State College. He asked if I had come to hear the Governor and I said, "No, I didn't even know he was going to be here. I came to hear YOU!" He was very honored and appreciative. He said he was on his way to Altoona and I said "I'll see you there tomorrow!"

THE NEXT SPEAKER WAS OUR GOVERNOR RENDELL! I was very impressed as Gov. Rendell listed many of the accomplishments of his administration -- and THERE WERE MANY -- and many have not gotten into the newspapers. I was trying to remember them all, but then he said he is working on making a list of them so we can have it available when we talk to people. He said that what he was most proud of in his term as Governor of Philadelphia was that he was working as hard for the people on his last day as he was on his first
day -- and he will KEEP working!!!!

Almost all the candidates that were running for office were there, except Casey -- and Catherine Knoll who was attending the funeral of a dear friend. It was a very interesting two hours and then when leaving we were treated to a package of chocolate chip cookies from Rendell/Knoll and coffee and punch. I talked to several people and said I was there to hear Chuck Pennacchio, and if they were for someone else, I said "We just have to stay united so that we WIN and
get our country back!!!"
Gotta love the chocolate chip cookies. Thanks Joyce.

Rally for Chuck Before the Debate

Before the next Democratic primary debate (Wednesday, April 19th--more details below) there will be a rally for Chuck Pennacchio supporters beginning at 4:30 5:30 4:00 pm. You should attend. A well-voiced opposition to Casey by Pennacchio supporters will send a signal that Pennsylvania refuses to accept the undemocratic, DC elitist anointment of Bob Casey Jr.

When the PA press swoops down upon Lancaster to cover the second debate, an ocean of Pennacchio supporters is what they must find. Chuck has six thousand volunteers. Each and every one of us ought to stand by our commitment and support Chuck in this most visible of ways. Imagine if only one sixth of us attend. The presence of one thousand Pennsylvanians fed up with the state of politics--protesting, cheering, clogging the streets of Lancaster, and demanding change--would shock the media. Indeed, it would validate Chuck's candidacy, thereby forcing the press to take him more seriously.

From Philadelphia to Erie, Allentown to Pittsburgh, everyone who calls him/herself a volunteer for Chuck must find a way to attend this debate. Drive, carpool, take a Greyhound, or ride your bike--Chuck, Pennsylvania, and the nation depend on you.

Here are the details (Update):

The debate itself will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday April 19th at Franklin and Marshall College's "Alumni Sports and Fitness Center," which is located on 931 Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster.

The Pennacchio rally begins at 4:30 pm presumably outside the aforementioned auditorium. I'm told that there will be several speakers. When the specifics are ironed out, I will post them.

According to, the rally runs from 5:30 4:00-6:00 PM outside the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center at Franklin & Marshall College. I have heard that some people are going to be attending earlier though.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Calling All Independents and Greens

Do you loathe Rick Santorum? Would you prefer a real progressive Senator like Chuck Pennacchio, but as an Independent or Green you cannot vote for him in the primary election? Well, I have good news for you: you can vote for Chuck in the primary.

It's easy; all that you have to do is temporarily change your affiliation to Democrat by April 17th. Switch party to vote for the one candidate who you actually believe in, and then change back to Independent, Green, etc. after the primary election. Changing affiliation to vote for a progressive candidate should not breach your ethics; indeed, it is the most progressive thing to do (read more here). Which would you prefer: to remain independent and further Bob Casey's chances, or to change your affiliation in name only to give Chuck Pennacchio a fighting chance? I changed my affiliation (from Green) to vote for someone who I believe in, so can you.

All that you need to do is pick up a voter registration form at a post office, or party headquarters. If you don't feel like getting off your ass, then download a form to mail to the PA Department of State. Remember, you need to register by April 17th (this coming Monday).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Back Online

I've been in Boston for the past few days without internet access. Sorry for the lack of posts, especially with the debate going on. I intended to post from the road, but the pcmcia connector on my motherboard snapped--quite a bummer--leaving me without an internet connection. I'll write some posts ASAP.