Friday, February 17, 2006

Chuck Pennacchio: Part II; Ethics or Strategy?

Now, the progressive netroots have not made a concerted effort on behalf of Pennacchio. He has little name recogontion and even less cash on hand (about $9,ooo). Pennacchio's campaign might never get off the ground. It seems that Casey's double digit lead over Santorum made Democratic primary challengers a non-issue for fundraisers. After all, a win is a win, right? I think not.

The netroots are positively giddy about Ned Lamont (the progressive challenging Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primaries). They scream about how much of a scoundrel Lieberman is and that he must be replaced with a real Democrat and I couldn't agree more. What irritates me is that Casey will be another Lieberman. In six years, everyone will yell about how much of a pseudo-Republican Bob Casey is and hope that he loses in the primaries. Maybe if Pennacchio was funded today, we wouldn't have to fight Casey in the future.

Yes, Casey would make it one person closer to a Democratic majority in the Senate. At which point there could be investigations into all of the scandals and lies from the past five years. But dammit, I can't vote for a man with whom I fundamentally disagree on so many issues.

Ethics or strategy...

Chuck Pennacchio: Part I; Chuck v. Casey

Lately, I've heard a lot about Chuck Pennacchio. Let me rephrase: I noticed a pamphlet at Webster's used book store/coffee shop (State College's progressive hangout). Pennacchio argues for many of my big issues: a living wage, reproductive rights, universal health care, separation of church and state to name a few. Oh, and by the way he stated opposition to the Alito nomination.

Bob Casey is the establishment favorite to challenge Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum for Pennsylvania's contested Senate seat in 2006. Casey opposes every woman's right to her body, stem cell research, an Iraq exit strategy, approves of the Alito nomination and Los Diez commandments in public buildings. Overall, he pretty much sounds like a wang. If I were a Democrat, I would vote for Chuck Pennacchio over Bob Casey Jr. any day

Be that as it may, the powers that be have picked Casey and their man against little Ricky "women belong at home" Santorum. By pumping lots of money into Casey's campaign (he has 3.5 million at present) the establishment is throwing Chuck under the car. Apparently, they think that the best way to beat Santorum is to take a Republican-lite approach (i.e. if you can't beat'em join'em).

Pardon me while I dry heave...

The Green Party

Update: The PA primary election is actually on May 16th. That was a typo below.

I am a registered Green Party member. Thanks to Pennsylvania's closed primary law, I cannot vote in the primaries on May 17th--a total bummer. The thought of registering as a Democrat makes me feel dirty and kind of slimy. Either major party seems devoid of ethics. I suppose that once a group or an entity attains that much power it loses its integrity. Having to appease so many constituents, lobbyists, superiors, donors, etc. often makes a politician impotent and corrupt. Registering as a Green is more of a political statement than a belief that the Greens will win major elections. If enough progressively minded folks register as greens it could send a message to the Democrats that our opinions are relevant and that in order to earn our votes the Dems. must become more liberal.